Why Is My Tokay Gecko Not Sticking To Glass?

Tokay geckos have adhesive pads underneath their feet that allow them to stick to surfaces naturally. One issue that has raised concern for some gecko owners is a tokay gecko not sticking to glass.

The main reason a tokay gecko isn’t able to stick to the glass is that its body is preparing to shed. It may also happen afterwards if some of the old shedded skin has built up on the pads of its feet. Once the shedding has been removed, the tokay gecko should be able to stick again.

Is your tokay gecko not sticking to glass? You should keep reading because we’re going to break down what it means when your tokay gecko isn’t able to stick to glass or other surfaces. We will also cover what you should know when this happens to your pet. Keep reading to learn more.

Do Tokay Geckos Stick?

One of the most interesting features of the tokay gecko is the bottom of its feet. They have adhesive padding on their feet that makes them natural stick to surfaces. On the bottoms of the foot are several minitures round adhesives padding to prevent the tokay gecko from slipping. At the very end of each toe, there are several rows of adhesive lines which help the tokay gecko stick effortlessly.

Why Is My Tokay Gecko Not Sticky?

Tokay geckos shed their skin regularly and the buildup of shed skin can sometimes get stuck to the adhesive padding on their feet. When this happens, the gecko won’t be able to stick to surfaces. The shed skin can stick between the gaps of the tokay gecko’s padding, causing its feet to have a smoother surface. 

It’s also common for some tokay geckos to not stick for a little while when they are first brought home. While there is no known reason at this time, some gecko owners believe it may be due to stress of being in a brand new environment.

Is Something Wrong With My Tokay?

It’s normal for tokay geckos to shed their skin. It will happen frequently as they grow into adults. Once a tokay gecko is fully grown, it will still shed skin at least once year. 

If the tokay gecko hasn’t shed (or isn’t preparing to shed soon) and still isn’t sticking, this could be due to a vitamin or calcium deficiency. Make sure your gecko is being fed a good quality diet to ensure there aren’t any nutritional deficiencies. 

Should I Be Worried?

A tokay gecko not sticking usually isn’t a cause for concern. If there is too much shedding built upon the gecko’s feet, you can help by soaking its feet in filtered water. You may have to do this a few times to remove all the excess shed skin. You may also benefit by looking into options for reptile vitamin and mineral supplements.

It always helps to make sure your tokay gecko is happy and healthy to ensure it’s adhesive pads stay sticky. Make sure the tokay gecko’s tank has enough humidity and is in the proper temperature range (Day: 80 to 90 F, Night: 70 to 80 F). A good environment and nutrition are key to keeping your gecko sticky.

Can Tokay Geckos Climb Glass?

Tokay geckos are able to climb a variety of surfaces, including glass. It’s very likely you’ll see a tokay climbing the glass walls of its tank. However, it may have difficulties sticking to the glass if the surface was recently cleaned.

Final Thoughts

Why is my tokay gecko not sticking to glass? Your tokay gecko isn’t able to stick to glass if shedded skin has built up on its feet. Tokays have adhesive padding on the bottom of their feet that allows them to stick to surfaces. However, these reptiles shed annually and that shedding can stick between the gaps of the padding, causing the bottom of the feet to become smooth.


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