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Why Is My Crested Gecko Licking His Bum and His Private Parts?

If your Crested gecko is fond of licking its bum and private parts, maybe you’ve asked yourself why? Bum licking is something we as humans steer clear of, and even if we want to lick our behind, it’s all but impossible. However, it’s a part of their daily life for certain animals and reptiles.

Your Crested Gecko will usually lick its bum and private parts when it’s trying to clean itself and for general hygienic purposes. It may also lick its bum after excretion, marking territory, and after mating and shedding.

This article will discuss why your Crested gecko licks its bum and private parts. So Keep reading! We have everything you need to know about why your crested gecko may be licking its bum.

Is it Normal for a Crested Gecko To Lick Its Bum and Private Parts?

It’s completely normal for your Crested gecko to lick its bum and privates from time to time. The general reason as to why they do this often is for hygiene and cleanliness. Unlike us, geckos have to clean themselves by using their own tongue.

There are also multiple other reasons as to why your Crested gecko may be licking its behind, as they tend to do it after the following things: excretion, marking territory, mating, and shedding. 

What If My Crested Gecko Is Continuously Licking Its Bum?

If you’ve noticed that your Crested gecko is continuously licking its bum, something may be wrong with your little friend. It’s best first to check that it’s nothing to do with cleaning themselves; if not, you may have a problem. 

Your gecko may be licking its bum for health reasons like parasites or impaction. There are three main health reasons why your Crested gecko may be licking its bum:

1. Parasites:

If your gecko has worms or a parasite, this will cause it to have diarrhea and loose stools. If this is the case, the gecko will want to clean its bum more. So, if you notice that your gecko’s poops are a little more watery or smellier than usual, it may be worth taking a sample to the vet to test it.

2. Impaction

The next reason as to why your gecko is continuously licking it behind is because there may be something stuck in the vent area. If your gecko is constipated, it’s likely licking the area more than usual in an attempt to dislodge whatever is stuck in its vent or bum.

If you notice your gecko isn’t passing waste like usual, this is generally evidence that something is stuck there. If you soak your geckos’ cloacal area in a small amount of tepid water, this can help soften what is causing constipation. You may have to take your gecko to the vet if this doesn’t work.

3. A Cloaca

If you notice that your gecko is licking its bum area more than usual and none of the previous reasons are applicable, you may find that it has a prolapse. If you see pink, fleshy protrusion hanging out of your geckos behind, it’s probably suffering from a cloacal prolapse.

This is a severe situation, as your gecko’s internal organs are now on the outside of its body. If not treated, this can lead to serious health issues, so it’s best to take your gecko straight to the vet once a prolapse is identified.

How To Stop Your Crested Gecko From Licking Its Bum?

If you have a cause for concern because your gecko is continuously licking its bum, or you simply believe that it is spending too much time licking its bum and you want it to stop, you should know that it is an essential part of your gecko’s daily life.

As we’ve discussed, there are multiple reasons your gecko may be licking its bum, from cleaning itself to constipation and parasites. If you want your gecko to stop licking its behind, you should probably give it a thorough check to ensure nothing is wrong with its vent. 

If it is continuously licking its bum, there is likely something wrong with your little friend. Once identified and taken care of, it will generally go back to licking its bum when it’s time for a clean.

Why Is My Crested Gecko Licking Its Bum When Shedding?

As your Crested gecko grows through life, it will shed its skin many times, and if you’ve had your gecko since it was a baby, you’ve probably noticed how often they shed. For a baby, it’s about once a week.

After the process of shedding, the majority of Crested geckos will eat their old skin. This could be a source of nutrition for them, yet it’s more likely an old wild habit to stop predators from tracing them. 

You can gently remove excess skin with a cotton bud. During the process of shedding, your gecko will lick around its bum area a little more. Just remember to check around its vent or bum area for retained skin; if the skin has not shed correctly, a few health problems may occur, including necrosis or organ death.

Crested Gecko Licking Its Bum After Diarrhea? 

Crested geckos can suffer from diarrhea, often because of a change in their diet. If your gecko eats many pureed foods, it may be prone to looser stools. It’s best to balance roaches, crickets, fruit, and insects to keep your gecko’s poop solid and easy to pass.

Why Is My Crested Gecko Licking Its Bum After Mating?

Crested geckos are nocturnal reptiles, so mating is generally done in the early hours of the morning. The male will let its interest be known with a bite into the neck of the female, ensuring she cannot move or escape during the process. 

Unlike mammals with one penis, your Crested gecko has two penises, yet only one is needed, and the other serves as a backup. Licking their penis after mating serves two purposes; cleaning the area in case there is any leftover residue and acting as a lubricant, so it can easily slide back into the hemipenes pouch.

It may also begin to lick its behind for some of the same reasons, such as during the mating, it may feel it has become dirty and full of cage residue and foreign particles. Licking its bum after mating generally isn’t too much cause for concern.

Why Is My Crested Gecko Licking Its Bum After I Pet It?

If you have noticed by now, your Crested gecko loves to stay clean and fresh. So if it begins to lick itself after you pet it, it’s not because it thinks you’re dirty. Your gecko may start to lick its bum or vent area after you pet it simply because it comes into contact with another thing. They are just super hygienic reptiles.


Chris is a reptile enthusiast, breeder, and blogger from the Milwaukee, WI area. After breeding hundreds of bearded dragons to supply local pet stores and owning many other types of reptiles, he is now focused on sharing knowledge to help owners properly care for their little reptiles friends.

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