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Do Gargoyle Geckos Change Colors?

Gargoyle geckos are calm pets that are great for beginners. They have many unique traits, one of which is the ability to change colors.

Gargoyle geckos change colors based on their environment, whether day or night, the temperature and/or humidity in their room, aging, and stress. It is a normal occurrence and happens often.

The rest of this article will cover how to tell the true color of a gecko, what different colors they change into, why your gecko is changing colors when you come near it, and if they change colors at different times the day.

How To Tell The True Color Of Your Gecko

Your gecko will change colors based on their environment, time of day, temperature, humidity in the room, age, and stress. They have a wide range of colors, which means the true color is near impossible to find.

Even at birth, their color as a newborn will vary greatly from their adult counterpart. You can identify patterns on the gecko’s skin, such as its stripes, but based on how often its color changes, the true color will remain hidden.

Their color changes enough that their true color will look like another change in appearance. However, try checking with the pet store you got the gecko from. They’ve monitored the gecko since birth, so they’re likely to have a good idea of what the true color is.

What Different Colors They Change Into

Geckos change into several different colors. They will have stripes and blotches on their skin of different shades, such as red, cream, yellow, and black. Their color palette will also depend on what type of gecko you have and what their skin patterns are.

Focusing on gargoyle geckos, if they have stripes on their body, they will always stay visible even when there’s a color change. Also, your gecko will turn white or gray when shedding because the skin is coming off. This pale color is completely normal.

Remember that geckos changing colors based on their environment is normal too. Don’t worry when your gecko changes colors to match its environment.

Your Gecko Changes Colors Around You

There are a few possibilities if your gecko is changing colors around you. For starters, if you’re holding your gecko, your hands are likely at a different temperature than the rest of the room. The sudden cooler or warmer temperature causes your pet to change colors.

If your gecko is new, it may change colors around you because they feel stressed. The new environment and owner are a massive change for them, so be patient and handle them with care. Ease them into their home slowly. Here’s a care guide for your gecko.

Another thing is lighting. If there’s a sudden change in lighting where you’re taking your gecko, its color can shift into something else. For example, if you take them to a place with dark lighting, their skin will turn dark so they can blend in more.

Geckos, like chameleons, change color to blend in. Gargoyle geckos change color for many reasons, but they share a chameleon’s trait of wanting to blend in. So if they’re changing colors to match the environment, that is normal.

Geckos Change Colors Depending On The Time

Day and night impact a gecko’s color change. First, look at what happens to a gecko during the day. Gargoyle Geckos tend to hide away during the day and don’t move much. Thanks to this, they have a pale color during the day. This is normal, and you shouldn’t worry about that.

At night, however, they come out and become more active. They interact with their environment, causing their skin to turn dark.


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